Are solo stoves actually worth it?

The Solo Stove bonfire pit is nearly smokeless, as long as you use it correctly, and there are a number of pros — which outnumber the cons — when it comes to purchasing it, as long as you will actually use it. This unique fire pit might not be for everyone, but from our experience, the investment really was worth it.

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Is Solo Stove actually smokeless?

Though we wish it was the case, a Solo Stove is not entirely smokeless. When you light wood on fire it will naturally begin to smoke as it gets itself hot enough to burn through. … After an hour of smoke-free fire pit time, the Solo Stove delivered another twist with colorful flames.Jul 21, 2021

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Can you use a Solo Stove on a deck?

Solo Stoves are safe to use on both wood or Trex decking, provided you also use the Solo Stove stand or a heat resistant fire pit barrier underneath. Although Solo Stoves emit less heat than other types of fire pits, they could still damage your deck over prolonged periods of use.Feb 2, 2021

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Can you burn anything in a Solo Stove?

Any firewood logs will work, but we recommend using dry hardwoods in our fire pits to enjoy the best flame. Hardwoods, such as birch, maple, hickory, and oak, will burn longer and cleaner than softwoods.

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Does Solo Stove use a lot of wood?

It would seem like it would burn more wood but the Solo Stove Bonfire actually just burns much more of the wood than a traditional wood-burning fire pit. You won’t be left with a bunch of half-burnt logs once the fire goes out.Jul 6, 2020

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Solo Stove Yukon Review: The Family Favorite Backyard Fire Pit

This is a Solo Range review sent by a reader here on Modern Survival Blog Site. I too have one of these, and can vouch for its unique qualities. It’s pretty fantastic how fast you can boil water on the solo stove, just with twigs for fuel Okay, here’s the brief solo stove evaluation: I stumbled upon a backpacking range that burns branches and sticks.

Here’s an example of their lite design. (view on their amzn store) I have a number of backpacking stoves. They all need some kind of packed in fuel such as white gas, Iso, Butane, alcohol, and so on. I have run out of fuel sometimes, and ended up carrying a dead weight range for miles, and trying to cook over a fire.

Best Fire Pit To Buy For 2022 – Cnet

And today I attempted it out. Solo Range Sticks & Twigs for Fuel I gathered up a handful of little sticks and twigs. I divided them up into pieces about 3 long and set them beside the Solo Stove. Then, I utilized a piece of folded paper towel and lit it with my firestarter.

After 3 minutes the water began to show the small bubbles that come before a boil. Two minutes later (5 minutes, overall) the bubbles were larger and the water was hot enough for things like coffee, cocoa or tea. Right before minute 6 rolled in, I had a rolling boil.

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For the couple of ounces it weighs it makes the range even more efficient. They can be made from any type of fold-able or roll-able sheet metal, or bought online. (amzn) The Solo Stove is made of Stainless-steel Now for the building. The stove has no joints. Very strong extruded stainless-steel.

The stove, and the pot holder-upper. And the pot holder-upper turns over and nests into the stove body when it is not in use. The picture above reveals the Lite model range with a pot on top (Pot 900). You can get this is a combo plan. The pot holds up to 30 ounces of water.

Solo Stove Yukon Review: The Ultimate Backyard Firepit

It weights 9 ounces and is a “gear of the year” winner by Backpacker Publication. It would likewise be fantastic in your bug out equipment, cars and trucks, and catastrophe stow away. Keep in mind: They do make various designs of this stove. The Lite model is their smallest and lightest. Then there’s the Titan.

Review: Solo Stove Bonfire - Back O' Beyond
We Tested Out The Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit And Now … – Cnn

Solo Stoves aren’t low-cost, however comparing them to similar pits made the rate much easier to stomach. In addition to the Bonfire Range, we bought the Bonfire Stand to safeguard the patio area from the heat and the Bonfire Spark Screen to protect everything else from ashes. That said, our living scenario is unique and I ‘d imagine that the majority of yard bonfires do not need the stand or the screen.

Solo Stove Bonfire Review – The Spruce

The worrywart in me, though, desires the stand and screen if just for peace of mind.) Kelly and I offered ourselves this fire pit as an early birthday present and I’m prepared to say that it’s the very best birthday gift I’ve ever received. If you have anyone on your shopping list that could use a brand-new pandemic activity as the weather condition turns, I ‘d say Solo Range! In the past two weeks, we have actually had six bonfires after the girls go to bed.

We sit there for hours just seeing it burn, and after that we put more wood in the fire pit and see it burn, too. If we’re feeling truly crazy we put a lot more wood in the fire and watch it burn! And every as soon as in a while, we talk. All jokes aside, we really enjoy our time outside with a crackling fire on the patio.

Backyard Mvp: Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit Review – Oola

The only question is the length of time we’ll be able to take pleasure in sitting outside this season. We typically evacuate the outdoor patio in October. Might we enjoy it into November?! Only time will tell. Mitch. OUT!.

The crickets are chirping, there’s a gentle breeze blowing, and there is a chill in the air. The pet dog days of Summer season have come and gone and Fall is well on its way. This is actually the ideal time of the year to be blogging about Solo Stove. These men make ranges for a few various functions, however the thing that sold me was their fire pits.

Solo Stove Bonfire Review – The Spruce

The crackling flames, conversations with pals, and the heat that radiates from the radiant embers of a hot fire. What I do not love is the smoke that appears to blow into my eyes no matter where I sit, and needing to shower and clean my clothing afterwards due to the fact that everything reeks of smoke.

I want I would have invented it myself, however I didn’t. I am happy that I discovered it however. This is another among those products that has actually made my life better, so I figured I would share it with you.

The Solo Stove Bonfire Review: It Rules – Adventure Journal

(Ed note: I now understand the ring is upside down! Whoops!) There is lots of debate out there in the West about whether campfires ought to be a distant memory. Honestly, while backpacking, I never start a fire, and while car outdoor camping, just do periodically, depending on where I am, the weather, fire conditions, etc.

Review : Solo Stove Campfire - The Gear Whores
Customer Reviews: Solo Stove Bonfire Portable Fire Pit …

So, I would like to say, right at the start here, we are not advocating that anybody constructs campfires anywhere they like, without taking into consideration regional conditions, despite whether fires are allowed there or not. There are times and places where fires are perfectly great. For those times, the Solo Stove is really tough to beat.

You Can Get A Solo Stove For 40% Off During Cyber Monday

It’s kinda their medium size, appropriate for a couple of individuals standing or sitting around it. Prior to I had it, I was a huge fan of propane stoves for cars and truck outdoor camping and yard fires, for the ease and the lack of coal and soot. But forget that. The Bonfire model has a size of 19.

It weighs 20 pounds, light adequate to sling around, into a vehicle, into the yard, what have you. Not while it’s on fire, naturally. Do not wan na do that. It’s made from stainless steel, is double-walled, and has air vents at the base and the top for max air flowthis fire pit burns efficiently.

Breeo Vs. Solo Stove: Best Smokeless Fire Pits (2022)

2 things are typically said about the Solo Range in my experience. One, a question: This thing is smokeless? No! No it isn’t. Solo Range promotes that it emits less smoke than, say, a simple pile of wood, but it still releases a lot of smoke, and you will need to do the smoke shuffle if you’re relaxing it.

I typically put all my non-perishable food in it, making it not just a fire pit, but a storage container on the method to camp. It features a great, thick carrying bag too, so I load it up with food, draw the carrying bag around it, and it takes up about the exact same quantity of space a bag or 2 of groceries would.

Review: Solo Stove Bonfire – Back O’ Beyond

It’s also simply freaking fantastic on a cars and truck camp journey. In some cases it will be raining, or will have recently rained, or whatever, and an existing fire pit or ring will be soaked. Not your Solo Range. Or, you’ll be vehicle outdoor camping in a place without a fire ring. No need to develop one, you’re covered, and will be leaving no trace.

Solo Range makes little stoves particularly for cooking, they make little ranges for one or two campers and very little area, they make this Bonfire that will likely interest the broadest base of folks, and they likewise produce the Yukon, a 27 size behemoth. For me, the Bonfire is the very best blend of mobility, fire size, and quantity of wood consumed.

Review : Solo Stove Campfire – The Gear Whores

They likewise look cool as hell. After a few fires, the intense silver turns a gold with blue swirls as the metal heats and reacts to use. When it’s time to tidy I simply turn it over and bang the ash out. Done. The only downside, at all, is that you can’t douse it with water when you’re completed with your fire.

Solo Stove Yukon Review: The Ultimate Backyard Firepit
Solo Stove Review – Modern Survival Blog
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But, it’s so self-contained, you can distribute the wood into coals and simply kinda enjoy it for a bit. It will not release cinders due to the fact that of the tall walls. Aside from my bikes and surfboards, this manages FAR the most use of all my outside gear. Summers not as much, because it’s hot where I live and we have great deals of Warning days with no fires enabled.

Solo Stove Bonfire Review — Is It Worth $300? (Yes!) – The …

is a offering pits, grills, and portable camp ranges. The brand name has been mentioned in significant media outlets such as Wired, Mashable, and Gear Addict. While the Solo Stove Instagram boasts an excellent fans. This Solo Stove evaluation will explore all aspects of the brand name and its items. It will also reveal consumer scores, divulge promotions, and more to help you choose if their stoves deserve buying.


Whether you take pleasure in a comfortable fire, a hot sip of coffee while outdoor camping, or a bite into a s’mor, Solo Range has something for you. This Solo Stove review will now review the brand’s. Solo Range Products Evaluation Whether you remain in the marketplace for a backyard bonfire, or a little burner for hiking and camping, Solo has actually created something hassle-free for you.

Solo Stove Bonfire Review – Business & Leadership

The is on sale for, down from the regular price of. is a vibrant bundle that includes the, which its ventilation holes and avoid your patio or patio from scratching. The routine rate is but this powerful duo is on sale for. Include a Solo Stove brick surround system to your yard without damaging concrete or stone underneath.

With a 23W (top), 16H, and 27W(base), you can anticipate this pit to weigh. Be encouraged not to utilize more than that are larger than in this pit. The is, however is presently for. The set has the Solo Stove fire pit, however with a protective to prevent heat-intolerant surface areas from scratching.

Solo Stove Bonfire Review – The Spruce

25H and 7W making it an easy cooking essential when outdoor camping. The stove is for, down from. The was the original Solo Stove that began it all. With the capability to boil water in under, this range runs simply on for fuel and cooks for. The most lightweight of the Solo choices, it weighs only and has a 4.

7 H for among the most portable stoves you will ever own. The is generally, however it is presently on sale for. The is a back-up you need to think about for every single outdoor camping or hiking adventure. With a, this burner is meant to store liquid fuel in case you run out.

Solo Stove: The Complete Review

Be encouraged that you leave the burner what you take into it. Usually, the of denatured alcohol will burn for. The burn time depends on environmental concerns and how much alcohol is used. This is light-weight at and determines 1. 8 H and 2. 9 W with the capability to boil water in if requirement be.

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The has all you need to take advantage of your Solo Stove and other items. The bundle consists of: The pit and The a 2-piece aerated cover that traps sparks and embers inside, The a weather-resistant cover that protects from the aspects a 304 stainless-steel angled poker and log grabber: a 304 stainless steel 4-pack with 2 prongs and a deal with per stick The comes for, below.